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Want to Become a Bitcoin Millionaire: Here is What You Need to Do
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Is it possible to become a Bitcoin millionaire? How to become one? Read this article and discover the two essential rules of Bitcoin investing!

So, you want to become a Bitcoin millionaire? Of course, you want, you would be a fool if you say no. But, is it possible to get rich and become a Bitcoin millionaire, now that everyone knows what Bitcoin is and how much it values?

When it comes to Bitcoin, there are a few reasons to believe that cryptocurrency has the ultimate power to create money. Believe it or not, even small amounts of Bitcoin have made individuals rich and wealthy. There was this case in 2015, known as Kristoffer Koch case. Kristoffer Koch is a Norwegian who has bought Bitcoin worth approximately $20 in 2009. Kristofer acquired 5000 Bitcoins for this investment and at last year’s rate they worth around $880.000. Today, Kristofer’s investment would be worth more than 4 million dollars or exactly $4.749.550. Here is your answer! Yes, you can become a Bitcoin millionaire, but you have to know a few essential things.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Hold on to all your Bitcoins – It doesn’t matter what you are investing in, the first rule of investment is to buy and hold. According to the Guardian, Kristoffer Koch sold some of his coins. As a matter of fact, Koch exchanged one-fifth of his Bitcoins (he owned 5000 Bitcoins) generated enough money to buy a luxury apartment in Toyen which is one of the most expensive areas in Oslo. For Bitcoin, we know that it has doubled the value, from January 2016 to December 2016.
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And let’s face it – who would resist not to cash in some of their investments and earn a quick buck and spent it on a car, house, or a dream holiday? We completely understand the need of owning something you’ve wanted for some long. And it is completely understandable as it is not easy for people not to be tempted to put off the pursuit of the happiness if they can enjoy these things now.

This is one of the greatest challenges, and every investor would agree with us, not just the Bitcoin investors, but every person who holds an asset. However, if you want to take a full advantage of your Bitcoin investment, we highly suggest you to hold on to all your coins. Have patience and you will make serious money.

  • Keep your Bitcoins safe – If you currently own Bitcoins, please remember the second rule, to keep them safe. Remember not to keep your wealth on the table and talk to everyone about your investment. You should save your Bitcoins in a wallet whose keys you have and control. We recommend you to invest in an exchange hot wallet or a hardware wallet.
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  • Both options are great. Also, you need to make sure you have a reliable person whom you will share you Bitcoin details with. This person should also have access to your Bitcoin account. In a case of an accident, this person, can enter your account and use your investment. These are all basic stuff. The more value the Bitcoin gains in the future, the higher the chances your account will be at risk, you can easily become a victim of hacking or theft. So, trust one person only, remember your passwords, and keep your Bitcoins safe.

 The best timing to invest in Bitcoin is now! If you want to take an action, don’t hesitate and do it now!