Today, keeping the current trends in mind every other person is seeking newer and more comfortable ways to create an extra source of income so that they complement their lifestyle and keep up with the technological advancements with all the latest gadgets!  When there are thousands of ways available online one the easiest and momentum gaining earning method is through bitcoin. People who jumped early into bitcoin mining were able to cash much more than anyone. But still nothing is lost, bitcoin is already gaining the right momentum and riding the high tides. This is why many people are looking to invest in bitcoin by signing up with various websites that reward you for small activities that you have to conduct over a fixed period. Some of the easiest fast gaining popularity methods of earning through bitcoins are:

  1. Joining a mining pool. There were many solo miners, but the rise in the popularity has made it difficult for solo miners to make much money. Therefore, now there are mining pools that you can join if you are into data mining. All you have to do is a network with the right people, and you are, good to go. The mining pools are more profitable and thus a growing trend for people looking to increase their monthly incomes.
  2. Earning through faucets. This is not very profitable as the amount of revenue generated through the faucets is very limited. There are many websites that pay satoshis for every captcha that you solve and small questions that you answer. The reward is usually a fragment of the amount that the websites owner receives from the advertisers who advertise on their websites.
  3. Playing games on mobile. There are a lot of favorite games on mobile that creates a faucet like a scenario for them. To earn money, they need to watch small videos without skipping and this will allow the funds to be credited to the player’s account.
  4. Reading classics online. This is a very high way for bibliophiles to earn money. The visitors have to read the classics and make money. The reader gains around 400 satoshis for every 10 min. This is around 90% more bitcoins than the average captcha websites payout. They also pay a bonus of 800 satoshi jackpot to the lucky regular users.
  5. Few websites also offer bitcoins by watching free videos. These are usually short films that the viewer watches and earns bitcoins for. There are higher chances of making a lot of money as their limit to the number of videos you can watch in a day!


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